The eBook by the same name is written by Author, Trader and course host Gavin Holmes. This, his third book goes beyond the world of trading to link it with the law of attraction. It is the first book ever to do so.

The ebook will be published in June 2017 and will cost $49.95. It is included free with this course.

The book covers the following:

Why the Universe is abundant - is nothing impossible?
How to deal with outside information and process it.
Is there a higher power and how do you connect to it?
Harnessing the universal laws and forces to bring about what you desire
What is vibrational energy and how can it effect you?
How to cope with depressive thoughts and negativity
Understand the science behind the universal power laws and how these form your life
The art of developing the right mind-set
Develop your plan for wealth creation
Encourage dialogue with yourself using positive and creative affirmations.
Develop your belief system - learn from your experience and build your confidence
Practical exercises to help keep the connection